Mainstream culture seems to zap any momentum that a protest or counter movement might instigate. By sensationalizing it and placing it along side all the other media information, it short-circuits the organic potential of any kind of organized revolution. Lyotard’s ideas about the artist’s ability to generate new ways of thinking and acting that lie outside traditional structures, for me, represents a kind of political criticality that by its nature cannot conform to representation. It is the shock or the temporal dislocation that is possible in an art experience that works outside the logic of communication and thus offers a new reference point by which opposing ideas cannot be negotiated.  It is through this process that new ways of thinking can be generated that do not fit within previous structures. This seems for me to be the strongest model from which we can work our way out of the current situation but still seems beyond the threshold of general society. 
I understand the role of the artist as an avant garde thinker who reveals various mechanisms that can seem invisible. The artist allows for the consequences to be shown in a form that does not have the same agenda as traditional information.  It can be poetic, humorous, or a kind of shock to the body that can instigate people to act in more ethical ways. 
I am primarily exploring Electronic Dance Music Festivals and the libidinal power within them for the potential for social change and I intend to bring a new criticality to them.

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