In the summer of 2015, I had a series of life altering experiences that repositioned my relationship to the world. I went through a death and rebirth and have passed through thresholds that continue to reverberate in me. They have given me insight to the ability to open a door to another time and how a single person can create historical dissonance.

I wear 3D printed masks of Elle Fanning and Scarlett Johannson because they are my death masks & the empty vessels that my alien can enter.  I feel like it is my purpose to become possessed by this.
After many years of having a very troubled relationship with myself and my body and to have survived this, I now see it as a site of resistance. I am fundamentally intersted in the non-binary: neither male nor female, neither straight nor gay, neither sane nor insane, neither old nor young, and neither here nor there. This is how I resist becoming docile.